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The answers to the most asked questions 

If you have a question that I haven't covered please contact me I am happy to talk to anyone and explain everything.

Do I have to believe in Positivity for you to help me?

No, the belief in Positivity is totally optional. 

Who can join positive mobile and positivity.

The easy answer is anyone. We do not discriminate. We aim to always show understanding,  not judgement. 

Why should I join?

If you believe in the power of positivity or just in positive thinking in general. We need to unite, our voice is stronger together. We will be a supportive successful community that helps each other. 

Does it cost anything to join?

No it costs no money at all, we believe that people should be helped and understood. No one should be discriminated against because of their financial situation. We do ask that you BElieve in YOUrself and try to live with positivity as best you can. We would also like you to belive the same things as us, spreading positivity by being NICE & KIND with a SMILE to yourself and others. We are a non toxic organisation. 

Do I have to have a mental health condition to join?

No you don't have to have a mental health condition. You could just be interested in mental health, have an educational interest. You have a family or friend that has mental health issue and you would like to help or understand them. 

About Us

Balance Wheel
Balance Wheel

Our core beliefs

  1. We believe in ourselves and each other.
  2. We believe in equality and fairness. (No matter what your age, race, religion, sexuality, gender, mental or physical health conditions, education or financial situation)
  3. We believe in the power of Positivity. (Being NICE & KIND with a SMILE to yourself and othere.
  4. We believe the answers are inside us all.
  5. We believe we are creative, caring and strong.
  6. We believe in a life of balance and moderation.
  7. We believe by educating the world we can make a world of balance and equality.
  8. We believe NO-ONE should ever feel alone and that no-one cares or understands them.  
  9. We believe by creating a world of positivity we can eliminate poverty, stigma, hate, abuse and inequality.
  10. We believe no-one has the right to tell us how we should feel. We all have emotions that affect us differently. We are all unique with our own stories.