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Anyone for poker?
Anyone for poker?

Anyone for a game of poker?

I love a good game of poker with friends, I found it a great way to socialise and make new friends.  I used to work for the wales poker league, running tournaments in local pubs. I miss them days, so I have decided why not try and set up a friendly game or two. If there is enough interest we could set up a small league and have prizes. Let me know if your interested by contacting me or dropping into the office.

Who are we?

Positive Mobile Gaming or P_M_Gaming - (is part of positive mobile, we believe gaming can help improve mental health, so this channel will feature anything gaming related from our members)

Positive Mobile Gaming is another of my passions.

My interest in gaming goes back to my childhood. I have always loved gaming and games of any kind. They bring distraction, adventure, fun, entertainment and even education. Games have helped me through some really dark times in my life. 

Call of Duty Mobile - Saved my life.

That's why we have a gaming side. I believe gaming can greatly improve mental health. I will be sharing my story, about how Call of Duty Mobile saved my life on my P_M_Terror channel soon. I worked for the Welsh poker league in the past. So gaming paid my Bill's for a while. I now want to help others find ways, to make money and escape poverty. 

Also being a forward thinker, has allowed me to think of many ways to make money from gaming. I even wrote a Call of Duty Mobile Movie, that I hope to make in the future. I have a clan and we are trying to be the best at clan wars. I am not the best player in the world. Apparently it's my boomer reactions 🤣 I know the strats though. I would love to have a scrims team if anyone is interested. There is far to much toxicity in gaming today. So we want to inject some positivity into the situation.

What will be on the YouTube and Trovo Channels?

Videos coming soon to Positive Mobile Gaming

With Call of Duty Mobile World Championships 2021 around the corner there has never been a better time to get involved. There is a $2M prize pool and your reputation on the line. Create the best team you can in order to give it your best shot. What have you got to loose, it's free to enter but you must be over 18. 

A guide to Hardpoint

A guide to Domination

A guide to Search & Destroy

Building the Perfect Team

Why in game chat is so important

How to play to your strengths

Why Positive Mobile Gaming? 

Positive Mobile gaming believe in gaming as a great way to relax and unwind but also to help control your mental health. Our founding members have started YouTube channels featuring our favourite game Call of Duty Mobile.

We eat, sleep, breath CODM, when we are not playing it, we are watching other streamers and content Creators or keeping up to date with all the relevant news or maybe editing or filming a video. I have started a Call of Duty Mobile Discord server to help people find team mates for champs. It will feature EU and NA servers to start. We will have an in it to win it section for all you sweats out there or want to go as far as you can with an organised team. Plus there will be in it for the skins section for all you casual gamers who just want to play your 30 games to get the skin. I will also be making some guides to help you guys out. There will also be a chat and stream, play with viewers stream coming. I might even hold tourneys for prizes. I can give you whatever you guys want. 

P_M_Gaming Clan

On Call of Duty Mobile we have a P_M_Gaming Clan, we are a clan wars clan and aim to be in the top 3 of our Clan War each week. It doesn't matter how good you are. All we ask is that you stay active and get node points. We are Gold 3 at the moment so get a shinny banner on our names.