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Donations & Pricing policy.

Make an appointment today or message me for a chat, it's free and you could make a friend.
Make an appointment today or message me for a chat, it's free and you could make a friend.

Our Prices

We have a donations only policy so that we don't discriminate against anyone due to poverty, addiction, or lack of money.  We ask that people Donate what they think our services are worth or what they can afford. 

Every penny donated will ensure that our services can continue and that we can help many more people to find hope, happiness and success. 


All donations are greatly received, donations will go towards ensuring that we can continue our work, it helps us help you. We have a donations only policy for payment, this is due to the fact that I stand for equality and fairness. Turning someone away because they can't afford it, would go against my principles.  I am currently working on all this between 8 to 12 hours a day.

I am currently living on Universal Credit and PIP (due to my mental health issues), but the intention is to get off benefits and make this my full time job. With all profits going back into Positive Mobile and into helping people.

Things we need to expand and improve into an office in the community.  We are going to try and buy 2nd hand, pre-loved and reconditioned equipment to cut costs where possible.

Laptop £500.00                   Insurance £25.00 (pcm)

Rent £267.00 (pcm)             Desk x2 £100.00

Chairs x6 £110.00                Office supplies £250.00

Filing cabinet £123.00          Storage £300.00

Mobile Wifi - £10.00 (pcm) (18 month contract).

Electric and Gas - £100.00 (pcm).  Admin fees £250.00

Phone £500                          Lockable draw £75

If you would like your donation to fund something specific, please let me know.

Our Purpose 

The Purposes of the charity is "For the public benefit, the relief of those in need by reason of Ill health, disability or financial hardship, worldwide by providing education, support, resources, community, friendship and signposting".

Positivity charity account now open.

We now have a credit union account open in the name of Positivity for the charity. This is a huge step for us. Watch this space, big news coming soon.

If you Donate.

If you are going to donate I thank you from the bottom of my heart your money will go to help lots of people, we have big plans here at positive mobile.

I will ask before you donate though, to please make sure you can absolutely afford it. I would hate to think, someone was going short because they made a donation.

Your donation will go into funding for a positivity pod in the local town centre of Pontypool. Running costs for the first eighteen months, without wages are £5,000.  That will be the first step in our plans fo expansion. I will be able to help so many more people from an office out in the community.

If this is the right next step, the money will come from somewhere.  I will find a way to make it happen. 

Thank you again have a positive day!

Positive Mobile (business)                                                                               (to pay the bills not make profit.)

Donations £1180.39

 Bank Balance £1180.39

Positivity (charity)                                                                          (to help & support people.) 

Donations £350
Raffle ticket sales £38
Bank Balance £5
PayPal Balance £2

Grand Total - £1575.39

Last updated Monday 16th August 2021

Company money to pay bills.
Company money to pay bills.
Charity Money
Charity Money