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Donations & Pricing policy.

Our Prices

We variable rates that can be discussed on our first meeting, this is so we don't discriminate against anyone due to poverty, social status, addiction, or any other reason.  

I am hoping that the families and friends of those we help will see the benefits and will want to help us to continue our work. The clients themselves will prosper because of the life coaching and be able to achive hopes and dreams. 

All money made will ensure that our services can continue and that we can help many more people to find hope, happiness and success.

Life coaching prices.

I have done extensive research on my competitors and have found that prices for life coaching start from £45 an hour going all the way up to more than £100 an hour. I could never have afforded these prices at any time in my life, this is why I have choose to work on a variable price scale, this way I can help those who need it without the worry of cost. 


I am currently living on Universal Credit and PIP (due to my mental health issues), but the intention is to get off benefits and make this my full time job. With all profits going back into Positive Mobile and into helping people.

We now have an office which needs paying for, so far it has been self funded but now the money has run out. The running costs for the office are £500 with electricity, water, wifi and insurance. I am finding this hard to sustain on my own and we may have to shut our doors if things don't improve. I believe in positivity and what I am doing but having sleepless nights worrying about paying for it is not working for me.

Running costs

Money - All money donated will go towards keeping the light on and keeping us open. (So far I have self funded it all but now the money has run out). I am deeply passionate about helping people and all money will ensure we can carry on helping people into the future. It will ensure we do not have to charge and can keep appointments on a donation only basis.

Monthly Running Costs

Rent - £267.00

Insurance - £7.00

Broadband & Phone line - £30.00

Water - £20.00

Electricity - £50.00

Total Monthly Running Costs = £374

These are our basic monthly running costs.  I have signed a 6 month lease initially and I have paid the rent until the 25th January. On the 24th January I will be required to pay £801 to bring us to the end of the lease terms, this seems like a tall order at the moment. So if you believe in what we are doing and can spare anything to help us out no matter how small it would be much appreciated. 

If you want to support us.

If you are going to give any money to help us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart your money will go to help lots of people, we have big plans here at positive mobile.

I will ask before you give any money, to please make sure you can absolutely afford it. I would hate to think, someone was going short because they made a donation.

Your  money will go into funding for a positivity pod in the local town centre of Pontypool. Running costs for the first eighteen months, without wages are £5,000.  That will be the first step in our plans fo expansion. I will be able to help so many more people from an office out in the community.

If this is the right next step, the money will come from somewhere.  I will find a way to make it happen. 

Thank you again have a positive day!

Positive Mobile

The business is hoping to become a C.I.C. (community interest company) to pay the bills, not make profit. All profits will go to Positivity.

Sales (all money after running costs go to help & support people in the community.) 


POSITIVITY small charity with a constitution and board of trustees.

Online donations £12

Raffle sales £140

Credit Union Donation £50.00

Grand Total - 

£422 last updated 16/12/21

I have self funded everything so far as I honestly believe in what I am doing. I use my benefits to pay the bills but am finding it very hard. All donations no matter how small go to paying the bills and keeping the doors, ensuring we can help people by asking for donations only and not charging a fixed fee.