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11 Jun 2021

Working out the details.

So for the last few weeks I have been working hard on getting everything worked out. How it will all work. How as a business we will make money? The thing is, I don't want to charge people because what if someone needs help but can't afford it. Maybe their problem is to do with poverty. I couldn't just turn them away.

So I am gonna do it the positivity way, the first appointment is free. The following appointment are on a donation basis. I will ask people to give what they can afford, or what they think the service is worth. Life coaches charge around £50 an hour. I couldn't dream of charging that, I want to help people.  That's why if I work on donations only, I will still be able to sleep at night.

Hopefully people will donate enough, so that I can get some better equipment, get some leaflets and posters printed. Get of benefits, I have a tablet at the moment and do everything on free apps. This would improve the quality and enable me to help more people.

26 May 2021

New Toxic v Positive YouTube video

The new anti bullying cartoon is now on YouTube, please like and share if you enjoy the cartoons. 

Please click the link below to watch, every little helps. Thank you for the support have a positive day.

26 May 2021
13 May 2021

Why I think I can help?

I now live a life of positivity but it hasn't always been this way. I have BPD,  anxiety and PTSD diagnosed and have been many people in my life. I have lived a full life with many, many highs and lows. The rollercoaster life, of a chameleon. I have suffered from depression and agoraphobia. I am a born survivor but have sometimes lost me. I have PCOS and diabetes type 2.

I have been married 3 times to 3 very different men. I have been used and abused. I spent 10 years thinking I was infertile when all I desperately wanted was children, I now have 3 children in the care system. I have self medicate with drugs, been the neighbour from hell (some would say) I have gone bankrupt, been evicted and done things I am not proud of in my pursuit for happiness. None of it worked for long. Then I found positivity. Sharing my story helps me heal. Plus it will hopefully inspire others. You can escape from whatever it is that is making you unhappy. You just need to believe in yourself! Join positivity and let us help you through. Help you find true happiness. We can help you find direction in life.

11 May 2021

This week I am firefighting

This week I had the LAC review for my 2 younger children. They are 8 and 9 years old. Currently have a care order till 18, although I do still have parental responsibility. I see then for 1 hour a month, at the contact centre supervised. I am currently seeking more contact. Let's say the LAC review didn't go well and I am now extremely worried for my children's mental health. So I decided to use this months hour, to teach them about telling lies as this was highlighted as a problem. We watched a video and discussed the boy who cried wolf. They seemed to take it in, I so hope it helps. I find trying to get to know my children and support them so hard when I only have 1 hour a month. I feel grateful for this hour don't get me wrong. It's just so hard. My heart goes out to every family going through the social services foster care hell. I truly believe that we need to help one another through these tough times. Mental health and poor decision making was a huge reason that my children are not with me now. They are my whole world, I just made a few mistakes.  I know why I made them and huge lessons have been learned. If I can help someone not have to go through the loss of a child through the foster care system then I will  be happy. Mental health mediation and education are needed.

**We can change the system together.**

Remember: if you don't deal with problems as they arise, they fester and mountains are made out of mole hills.

The many changes of Anna Savery
8 Apr 2021

My Personal values and Beliefs.

My personal Beliefs

I believe in myself and others, I live with positivity and belive the power of positivity can change the world.

My personal core values list. 

My YouTube channel will have it all, my whys for everything. Plus the journey I took to find my answers.   

1. Family (love) - unconditional love, acceptance and understanding,  support.  (Make time for them)

2. Understanding - feelings validated and giving validation to others, knowing you are not alone. (Through positivity support & education work)

3. Equality - fighting stigma through education, fund raising to help members purchase creative materials. (Support, understanding, education)

4. Freedom - financial freedom/freedom from oppression. (Have financial freedom for me means to, be free from benefits and be self supported.) We also help others find ways to increase finances through creative outlets.

5. Adventure/fun - Fun for me involves gaming, theme parks, zip lines. Stepping out of my comfort zone for me means going outside in public, but as Yes Theory put it "The when the adventure begins when you step out of your comfort zone". It sends my anxiety through the roof but I am going to try to do a big adventure every 6 months. 

6. Community  - Positivity Mobile, (Sharing Positivity) giving acceptance, understanding and validation

The Rising star I am trying to add into my life balance at the moment is     

7. health and wellbeing. I am a diabetic type 2 in denial, (I eat and drink what I want) I have put on 2 stone since lockdown and my clothes are starting to feel tight. I know I can lose the weight again. I lost 7 stone in total from my heaviest, I can do it by changing my eating habits but I would also like to be fitter. I get out of breath running down the stairs to answer the door. (It's a 3 story building we live in the penthouse apartment). So I am trying to start small with One (30 min) walk/exercise session a week. Slowly increasing to 3 a week. 

Change takes time but if it is really worth it, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I am living proof. Happiness is an option for everyone 😁 with positivity.

22 Feb 2021
It began with a dream.
It began with a dream.

How it all began.

It all began with an idea...........Call of Duty the Movie. I blame Bobby (one of my favourite CODM Content Creators) I would watch him every day and when he would be eating he would watch some other CODM content on YouTube. He would always say is there anything diffrent? So because of Bobby the Bot (affectionate name not Toxic) I thought of something diffrent. I wrote a whole movie "Once Upon a Time?..." Then came time to film it.....................

More of the story coming soon.