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About Us

Balance Wheel
Balance Wheel

Our core beliefs

  1. We believe in ourselves and each other.
  2. We believe in equality and fairness. (No matter what your age, race, religion, sexuality, gender, mental or physical health conditions, education or financial situation)
  3. We believe in the power of Positivity. (Being NICE & KIND with a SMILE to yourself and othere.
  4. We believe the answers are inside us all.
  5. We believe we are creative, caring and strong.
  6. We believe in a life of balance and moderation.
  7. We believe by educating the world we can make a world of balance and equality.
  8. We believe NO-ONE should ever feel alone and that no-one cares or understands them.  
  9. We believe by creating a world of positivity we can eliminate poverty, stigma, hate, abuse and inequality.
  10. We believe no-one has the right to tell us how we should feel. We all have emotions that affect us differently. We are all unique with our own stories.
Maslow's Motivational Model 1943
Maslow's Motivational Model 1943

What are our human needs? and how do they affect us?

Although Maslow put these needs in this order you can also put the needs in another order that fits your values at the time. I have very often put my Belonging and love needs above all other needs. I have sacrificed food, drink and warmth for the people I love. 

Deficiency Needs

  1. Physiological Needs - The need for food, water, warmth and rest. (Food, drink, clothing, shelter, sleep.)
  2. Safety Needs - The need for security and safety. (security, financial, emotional, feel protected)
  3. Belonging and Love Needs - The need for intimate relationships and friendships. (Community, belonging, understanding, acceptance, feel connected)
  4. Esteem Needs - The need for feelings of accomplishment. (Self esteem, respect from others,)

Growth Needs

  1. Cognitive Needs - A need for meaning, knowledge & understanding. (Free will, Curiosity, exploration.)
  2. Aestetic Needs - Appreciation for beauty. (Nature, art, amazement)
  3. Self Actualization - fulfilment. (Find your Truth! Find a meaning to your life. To be the best person you can be, the desire to accomplish everything.)
  4. Transcendence - Perfection 
BElive in YOUrself!
BElive in YOUrself!

What is the aim of the site?

What is the aim of the site? Now that's a big question as we want to do so much. I feel very passionately about helping people with mental health issues and changing stigma and inequality of any kind. I believe that we need understanding not persecution. Believe me we are hard enough on ourselves. I want to show people there is another way.

With positivity we can change the world, feel fulfilled and happy. I want to give hope to the needy, understanding to those who are in crisis who just need someone to listen and validate their feelings. I want to show people it's possible to achieve the impossible because nothing is impossible. I want people to believe in themselves and others. I want us as a community to problem solve, find our passions to light our soul. Give us a reason to carry on every day. Show that Mental health happens it's nothing to be scared of, it's okay to talk about feelings and emotions. To be there to help someone when suicide looks like the best option. To let them know they are not alone, we want to provide materials to help people create an income. We want to satisfy all basic human needs so no one needs to feel empty inside. So you see to change the world it is gonna take a lot. 

My Call of Duty Logo
My Call of Duty Logo

Why and how did it all start?

I will start my story 3 years ago January 5th 2018. The day my life changed forever. The day my children got taken into foster care. To say it broke me is an understatement. My Children were my whole reason for living, the reason I struggled on every day. The sunshine in my life. I have been a Classroom assistant, a Nanny, a youtheorker, an appropriate adult, I have god children that adore me and I helped raise who are amazingly well balanced adults. So how could this happen to me? I would never do anything to hurt my children, I love them unconditionally  and they love me the same...........

Wow how wrong did I get it? I understand now they were in danger and I just couldn't see it.

Positivity changed that broken lost person, it has been hard work but now I know who I am. Feeling guilty and blaming people was hurting no one but me. How can my children ever be proud of me if I waste my life waiting for them to be able to come home at 18. They are currently 15, 9 & 8. I want to give them a legacy a mother who yes might have mental health issues but I can run a business and charity and really help people. 

More coming soon.  

Leafelet, Contact and Live Chat

Live chat services available 

If you are interested by anything that you find on these pages please don't hesitate to contact me. You can also contact me with any problems, I am very understanding and Non-Judgmental.  I am diagnosed with BPD, Anxiety and PTSD. I am an empath, emotional thinker. I love to chat and help people. Currently I have WhatsApp and Messenger. Although you can also contact me via email by filling in the contact form. 

I look forward to hearing from you.