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Positivity the poem.

Watch the video below to find out more. It is the poem that started it all.

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Who is P_M_Terror?

Hi, My name is Anna Savery or P_M_Terror as I like to be known. I am 46 years young and I live in South Wales in the U.K. Although that's who I am it's not whom I am. It's my identity sure but it doesn't tell you anything about me. All you know is how to address me  correctly, how long I have been on earth and my vague location. 

The things I want you to know about me though are much different. I have BPD and although it is part of me again it is not who I am. We are all born with a tempremant, a personality all of our own. We are unique.

I am caring, kind, empathetic, understanding, supportive, creative, funny, and a bit sarcastic. I love hard and fast, (although it feels more like hero worship.) I work hard and show amazing loyalty and dedication, if it is something that I believe in.  I have a passion in my soul like no other and when it is alight I feel whole at last. I live in Black and White and change directions like the wind (jobs,men,hobbies,homes). I have been married 3 times and I have 3 amazing beautiful children. (All currently in foster care) I believe in total and utter transparency and honesty. My favourite word is why? because I am an deep, emotional thinker. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and find humans fascinating and amazing.

I will be telling my life story on my channel, my truth. How and why I did the things I did and how I could have handled it better with DBT. How when my Children were taking it broke me. I was lost and didn't know who I was. That was 3 years ago and although it was the worst day of my life I understand why now. The journey I have been on from then to now and how I hope my journey can help others.  

I Believe..
I Believe..

So what do I do?

P_M_Terror (Anna Savery) (BPD, Anxiety & PTSD diagnosed)

I am a pro active problem solver. A life coach. A humanitarian.  A deep emotional,  empathetic thinker.  I am an innovator, a social entrepreneur. I am fighting for equality and fairness. I believe in the power of Positivity.

I believe the world, we have right now is toxic. It is full of hate, greed, inequality, injustice and abuse. The systems are outdated, old and broken. We are killing the planet and each other. I believe we have a 1 4 all culture but what we need is a 1 4 all culture.  So I am making a stand, I am saying NO. There is another way. I believe that positivity can change the world, heal the world. I believe it can wipe out poverty, stigma, abuse, hate and inequality. 

You see in a world of positivity, we are all happy, supportive, and productive. We believe in ourselves and each other, no one is more important than another. Because we know we need each other, we care about each other. There is harmony in a world of positivity. 

A world of positivity, is a world of hope.