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Problems and How Positivity can help solve them.

Problems, Problems everywhere

We help with personal problems, local problems, national problems and world problems. We will be tackling them all.

I have identified a few personal problems and realised that these are not just my problems, these are local, national, heck some are even global problems, so I will be trying to solve them all, not just for for me but for all the people out there with similar problems.

I will be solving the problems to make life easier, happier, healthier for everyone. I am solving them, so we can find equality, balance and harmony. Some of my ideas might not be possible, some of my ideas might sound a little crazy, and some will make you think.....wow that was easy why didn't  we do this before. Because problem solving is about finding the causes, the root problem. 

Take the whole COVID crisis, could it be gone, from the UK, if a year ago they shut our boarders and kept them shut?  It's not hard to see how this could work.......we live on an island..........let's just think about that for a moment......yes it would be hard but look what the consequences are. Years of disruption, loss, & lockdowns as well as increased mental health issues resulting from this.  

Let's "Unite the World, with Positivity."
Let's "Unite the World, with Positivity."

The World is in Shambles 

Welcome to the year 2021....and what a world it is.

It is a world of chaos & disorder (a toxic society) It is a world full of outdated broken systems that are no longer fit for purpose. It is a world full of inequality, stigma, abuse & hate. The balance of wealth is non excistent, and it is so hard for me to close my eyes and pretend it is not happening.

You see I am an empath, a deep emotional thinker,  I really do care for all of mankind. I look at all sides of the story and am a very understanding person. I understand how we work, what drives us, or keeps us stuck. I am a problem solver who believes that Positivity can change the world. Fixing these problems will take time, money and commitment. I am standing to say enough is enough. It is time to change. 

I live in the U.K. which stands for United Kingdom,  but I want to go further, I see the whole world as a kingdom. So Join Positivity today and help us

"unite the kingdom. " 

I grew up in a home where we were told. "Don't just moan about the problems, do something about them."  I thank my parents so much for instilling this into me. We were taught that our vote & voice mattered, that my one voice can make ripples, as the ripples gain momentum and backing the ripples can turn into real, waves of change."  I have found my voice and I stand up for the normal man, all those people who have forgotten that together our voices can make change.

Poverty is preventable.
Poverty is preventable.


Defenition of Poverty - Poverty means that the income level from employment is so low that basic human needs can't be met. A lack of resources to provide the necessecities of life e.g. food, clean water, shelter, clothing.

Unfortunately poverty is also associated with many other problems that need addressing first. Such as feeling hopeless, addiction, lack of education, anti social behaviour, crime, abuse and mental or physical health issues, plus sometimes social services involvement.  We will be tackling them all in our pursuit for happiness for all.

We aim to help people find a way to make an income, so that they can get out of poverty and provide for themselves and their families.

Conflict resolution & mediation
Conflict resolution & mediation

War and Conflict

Definition of War - War is, intense fighting between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, & death. e.g. Vietnam War, World War One, World War Two.

Definition of Conflict - Conflict is an active disagreement between people with opposing opinions or principles. e.g. argument, disagreement, quarrel, row, squabble, tiff.

We need to learn to agree to disagree about some things.  Learn empathy, and understanding for other people. 

Political Polarization 

Definition of Political Polarization - Political Polarization is the vast and growing gap between political parties. e.g. Labour & Conservative, Liberals and Democrats.  Rich V Poor.....All for one culture but we need........A one for all culture.

Government Accountability 

Defenition of accountability - Accountability in short is answerability, blame, worthiness, liability and the expectation of account giving. Accepting responsibility for ones actions or to account for one's actions.

In recent times Government Accountability has become particularly relivent. With the COVID-19 pandemic, came a changing the world, we had world lockdowns, people loosing their jobs, houses, family members. Mental health issues are on the rise and unemployment, poverty and hopelessness are the new norm for many. The government are accountable for their actions even more so now. 

Lifelong family learning
Lifelong family learning


So the way I see it education is a huge problem in many different ways. Inequality, cost, the fact that not everyone is academic, we all learn at different paces and by different methods. Schools are failing communities. Education needs to be accessible to all, we need lifelong family learning centres. Why can't the parents go to school with their kids? COVID lockdowns and closures of schools has highlighted a huge problem. How can the parents home school a child if they can't read or write themselves?

Food & Water

Food & Water is a basic human need. Without food and water you will die. 

We will help you find a way to make an income to be able to afford food and drink.

Credit Access

I know all about this problem 1st hand. I have had to go bankrupt in the past, my credit rating is minus and I am in the process of going through an IVA. No responsible bank is going to lend me any money. So how can I open a business?  On a shoestring, making do with what I have. Helping people is my business and to that I just need me. You see I am a we will find a way sort of person. I have been to hell and back a few times in my lifetime but I am still here fighting. If I can help one other person then my work will be worthwhile.


There are many Inequality in services, inequality in cost, long waiting lists, mental health issues are not taken seriously,there are no services available. 

As someone with mental health problems myself, I am acutely aware of the problems in the mental health service. We aim to offer education, healing and support. I have BPD, PTSD and Axiety diagnosed. 


We are all human in this world, no matter where we come from, what colour our skin is, what our race or religion are, what colour our hair is, if we are fat or thin, short or tall. None of these things should make us a target. We all have far more in common than we do differences. Let's focus on our commonalities instead of pointing out and focusing on our diffrences. Let's build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Let's believe in ourselves and others.


We have an obesity crisis, diabetes is on the increase and people are living longer. Fitness doesn't have to be running a marathon or spending half your life in the gym. In fact it doesn't have to involve anything like that. Fitness of your body and mind can be included into your life balance. Its about finding something you enjoy. A stroll in the park, playing in the park with your children or grandchildren, painting the house, gardening, even housework.