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How to fill that empty feeling inside

Starting to heal

To start to heal you need to be ready, it's a long hard journey and you might discover some things that are hard to deal with. We will guide and help you as we have taken this journey before you. (although in full transparency, I have a therapist, full time carer and support worker helping me through my journey). I have taken this journey and will be sharing my story as part of my healing process. I am hoping that by sharing my story it will inspire and educate others.

As I scroll through the BPD posts on my Facebook groups I notice that a lot of people ask the same thing. Is this a me thing or a BPD thing? Does anyone else feel like this or think like this......the answer is a resounding yes normally. I want to show others how it feels, educate the world on what it's like to be me, BPD and all. How when it looks to the world like I have gone mad or crazy and ruined my life again. I was just trying to satisfy my basic human needs and fill the hole in my chest the only way I knew how. Although they were only ever temporary fixed. You can't fix a problem if you don't know what the problem is. That's why I became an expert on me.

Hard but worthwhile

Please be prepared before you start the healing as it will take time and hard work. There is no magic wand and positive mobile and positivity will not solve all your problems.

We will hold your hand through them and try to collectively problem solve them with you. As I grew up there was an advert on TV that really impacted me. It just made so much sense, it was about giving people fish so they can eat for a day, or teaching them how to fish, so they can eat for a lifetime. 

We are more about teaching you to fend for yourself, we believe the answers are inside us all.

The ladder of success