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Jobs I currently do in pursuit of Positivity.

At the moment I am positivity. Just me, Anna Savery.

I have really big ideas as you can tell, and changing the world won't be easy or without hard work. But I believe it will be worth it. I see, what a positive future could look like. I want it fo my children, for your children. For future generations, that are yet to come.  Join me so you can say, you helped change the world. Whatever your interests. I am certain I can find a way for you to help. 

A list of jobs I would happy share that I either do or need done.

Writer, editor, website designer, content creator, graphic designer, gamer, teacher, student, therapist, friend, entrepreneur, entertainer, artist, life coach, healer, political lobbyists, problem solver, pro-active thinker, animator, computer programmer, app designer, game designer, politician, humanist, vlogger, blogger, chat show host, news reader, accountant, administrator, sales, marketing, fashion designer, poet, screenwriter, musician......etc.

Please fill in the form below if your interested in helping,

it would be so much appreciated.

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