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Positivity in Pontypool 

Raffle winners are....

The raffle has been drawn and the winners are being contacted. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and to e eryone who donnated a prize, every penny is much appreciated. I will post the results when the winners have been contracted. 

1st prize to Judi who choose the amazing bath bomb gift box, 

2nd prize was myself, so I choose the watch which I will donate back to do a silent auction,

3rd prize is Ruth who choose the life coaching session,

4th Dave Welsh Dragon ornament 

5th Judi donate back candle

6th Raven Wales tea light holder

7th Jordan bottle of red wine

8th Raven £10 Wilko gift voucher

9th Me donate back witch & wolf pic

10th Joanna £20 Utopia gift voucher

11th Me donate bakk 3D octopus 

12th Me donate back Crystal style teddy

13th Jordan donate back 1month free gym membership 

14th Mr Grimmes Bespoke screen protector

I won a lot of the prizes myself as I bought a lot of the tickets to boost sales, the problem I found is people don't carry cash, so a silent auction will hopefully work bettter. All the prizes that have been donated baxk will be in a silent auction soon. The raffle made in total £135. Thanks again for taking part.

Positivity in Pontypool
Positivity in Pontypool

From Poverty to Positivity 

Pontypool is a small Welsh town in Torfaen in South Wales the U.K. it is also the town I love in. It is a town steeped in history, we have an indoor market and a beautiful park amongst other things.

Pontypool unfortunately has many problems though. Poverty is a huge problem in the area, which causes loads of other problems. I think positivity can change Pontypool into a town of positivity.

We know we have problems, which is the first step and that's why, I think we should talk about solving them. The main problems for me have been stigma, abuse, poverty, mental health issues,  eviction, drugs, and many more.

These problems can be solved with positivity. So let's start talking about our problems in a positive way, let's talk about how we are going to solve them. 

Support our local businesses 

I will be highlighting and marketing local businesses in the area that offer value for money and a good service.

If we do use these local businesses, then we will loose them. Times are really hard for them at the moment with all of the COVID restrictions recently. We need to show our support by shopping local. 

If you have a local businesses and are interested in our marketing please get in touch. All our services are provided on a donation basis. We ask that you Donate what you think our services are worth or what you can afford, we are also offering marketing in return for a raffle or auction prize. This will help us raise funds to get an office out in the community. 

Pontypool Market

Do you know what's in the market? I didn't until I moved to Pontypool from Blaenavon.  Pontypool indoor market is full of life, the stalls are full of great goods and services. Plus because they are in the market you know your gonna get great prices, they don't having to pass on huge rent costs to their customers.  I believe passionately that if ae don't use the shops and stalls we will loose them. These are small businesses that have families to support. 

I will help you make some extra money to spend at these business, helping the business survive. Hopefully you in time will be able to provide a service or product to them. This is how the circle of positivity works. It is also the reason we believe that we all need each other.

Below are some pictures from some of the many stalls that are currently in the market. Haggles www.haggles.online, Woolfall's 3DP www.woolfalls3dp.com, All Things Magical.

Let's celebrate the good.

I have big ideas about how Positivity can change the World and I have articles and videos from experts to back up my theories. Research done by universities and professors, Drs and researchers. We need to build each other up,instead of tearing each other down.

We need to celebrate the good, instead of focusing on the bad, celebrate success and give people hope. 

So to do this I am proposing a good morning Pontypool news feature. It will be a place where we can hear about the good, hear how the ordinary people, are doing extraordinary things. How believing in Positivity is changing people's lives.

You can learn how other people overcame the problems you are facing today. You see we understand we are stronger together and we all need each other. No part of the puzzle of life is more important. To find happiness you need balance and moderation. You really can get to much of a good thing.

Come and visit Pontypool and find our hidden gems.

Pontypool is a great place to visit. We have lots of great things in Pontypool, so let's play to our strengths. So what our they? History....Pontypool Market, Shell Grotto, The Folly,Pontypool & Blaenavon steam railway, The Ironworks & Big Pit to name a few. We also have amazing beauty, a walk around Pontypool Park, Keepers Pond or Garn lakes on a sunny day always makes me smile. Plus we have a town centre with independent retailers. Yes we have a few chain stores but we have more local businesses that really need our custom.