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Changing the world with Positivity.

Welcome to Positive Mobile. The Home of Positivity.

We are your 1 stop shop 4 A Happy, healthy life.

We are pro-active problem solvers and life coaches.

Just think of us, as customer services to the world.

We believe that Positivity can not only change the world,

But it can also "unite the kingdom" world.

So how may we help you today?

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This is my field of dreams.

As you can see I need help, with all this. I didn't even notice that I spelt, Sense wrong 🤣 My sister kindly pointed it out once I had uploaded it and I must change it. I left in for now though, to show, it's okay to make mistakes. We are not defined by our faults and failures. Every problem has an answer. I have learned with positivity that nothing is impossible. I am human like you, I am no better than any of you. I just have Positivity. ❤
Changing the world with Positivity.
Changing the world with Positivity.

What is "Positivity"?

(Positivity is a state of mind. A way of thinking for all mankind.) Lines from Positivity the poem the poem that started it all by Anna Savery 2021

  1. Positivity is about being NICE & KIND with a SMILE to yourself and others. 
  2. It is also about BElieving in YOUrself! for just being you.
  3. It is about being the best person you can be by having empathy and understanding for others.
  4. It is about having a world with happy, positive people, who are understanding, hopeful, productive and creative with healthy bodies and minds.
  5. It is also about living a life of balance and moderation (By acheiving this we can eliminate, poverty, stigma, abuse and inequality)
  6.  It is realising that we all need each other.

To find out more see About us. 

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See if we can help you?
See if we can help you?

The YouTube Channels

You can also see how each piece of the jigsaw works by checking out our YouTube channels linked below.


Positive Mobile

Positive Mobile Gaming

Positivity Mobile. 

Links to the founder of Positivity  P_M_Terror facebook (Anna Savery). This will explain everything in great detail, if you are interested.  I am an emotional thinker so there is always a reason why for every action and thought. It might change in the future as I am always learning and growing but for now it's how I think and feel.

All the channels offer something a little different but they are all trying to accomplish the same common goals and hold the same beliefs.  Between all of the channels and services we offer we believe we can change the world. (By wiping out stigma, poverty, inequality and abuse of any kind.)